John 4:13-14 Life Giving Water

Our regrets and fear of what happened in the past can prevent us from moving on to finding a new partner or forgiving someone we love.We feel moving on will replay the same issues, we do not trust anyone, therefore we try to avoid this by living in our comfort zone.

We become to feel so much comfortable where we are and how our thoughts are that we forgot the true meaning of life. We forgot the opportunities and blessings Jesus is willing to offer to us.

John 4:13-14

If we seek to accept the water Jesus has to offer, he will give us the life-giving water which will provide more springs of blessings. Through God nothing is impossible, allowing ourselves by opening our heart to God will bring more Joy and love into our lives.

Light of God

The light of God through the Holy Spirit bears all fruits of righteousness. To recognise the light is also to create a shield of armour protecting us from our foes and to stand in righteousness.


Our devotion in faith and prayer following the path of righteousness always brings peace. We can devote ourselves to God with our family, prayer group or work group. Mother Mary is a singular vessel of devotion. She carries the spiritual vessel throughout the childhood of Jesus. Her devotion of faith, prayer and fulfilling her will ties herself to God’s infinite grace and wisdom. When we open our hearts and fully accepting the will of God, we devote ourselves to accepting blessings of plenty. It is only through God’s devotion that peace exists.


Time can pass but the words of God will continue to exist.Our age of years will increase but the word of God will continue to exist.Our mind and body changes but the word of God continue to exist.To continuing to exist we must receive the word of God in our hearts.When the word of God dwell in us the Holy Spirit dwell in us and we turn to God’s likeness.We are both spiritually and physically Holy in God’s eyes.For this Holiness to continue, we must follow the path which God sets for us.This path is found when we find our gift.Our key to the life giving water is our gift.For this Christmas we must find our spiritual gift.

The Parable of the Weeds

The Parable of the Weeds in Matthew 13:24-30 talks about the challenges of life. 

The weeds represent difficulties we have with people, our families, work, spiritual growth and our physical needs and desires.

God created us for a reason in this life, to live according to his plans. 

God is the farmer who sowed the good seed in the field. 

We are born into this world in different cultures, surrounded by different people and families. 

Each year as we aged, we age with challenges (weeds) from people, work, spirits and physical sickness. 

These weeds which we come across in our lives will test us for who we really are. Do we choose to be harvested as wheat or do we choose to be weeds? 

God did not remove these weeds because if he did, we would not learn to be patient, kind, have love and to save a soul. 

He wanted us to grow with these weeds to make us stronger to follow the plan he has intended for us. 

We are to produce the wheat which he plans for us. In other words, the wheat represents our purpose in life, our spiritual gifts, the light in us, faith and love. 

When a weed grows among wheat, we face a lot of weed challenges in our lives. 

Most of our challenges come from our own families because they are closer weeds to us than other people’s weeds.

Some weeds are very close that they affect our spiritual growth, they affect our ability to progress in life because of our many desires and needs which clouds up our own judgements.

God (farmer) and his angels are waiting to remove these weeds and as they wait, we continue we make our own decisions without involving the farmer in our decision making. 

As a result we continue living with the same challenges. We become physically sick and psychologically stressed just to cope with our everyday activities. We have so many things going on in our lives that we lost our connection with God.

The farmer knows that we do not have enough light or strength so he decides to allow darkness (weed) to make us strong to grow. 

If the weeds outgrow the wheat, we will be uprooted also and tied to be burned. 

If the wheat outgrow the weeds, we will be gathered together with the other wheat and brought back into God’s barn. 

We therefore, must overcome these challenges and turn to God to give us strength to help us spiritually and physically grow. 

This is the time for pruning and removing weeds from our lives, so that we are ready on the day the Lord decides to send out his angels to gather in the harvest. 

The true light

If you read in John 1:6-13. The main word from these verses is the light.

What is the light? Is it God’s glory? How can the light benefit us? Why do we need this light? Why did John the Baptist want us to be baptised?

When God created the universe, he turned darkness into light. He made the day and he made the night. He put animals, trees and all sorts of food to grow on the land.

We were called to use these creation because God love us and want us to fulfil his

When we have love, we have his light. The light of glory, the mark of holiness, the mark of his children.

The light always shows us through the Holy Spirit what we need to change, renew and remove. The more we cleanse ourselves, we have more light to do God’s purpose in our lives.

We are baptised to be part of God’s heavenly kingdom. We and all the other souls will become Godly showing God’s light.

This light on earth is also reflected in heaven.

The creation is the word of God. The light is when we accept the word of God and it dwells within us. This light manifests in us to show the path we must take to entering the kingdom of God.

Healing through Love

We have our own problems and totally forgot the love God has given to us.

God created the environment, the sea, air and animals. He created family, he created our senses to use for these yet we forget love.

We must never forget to heal ourselves through God’s Power. Ask God to heal us, ask God to put love into our hearts and ask God’s Holy Spirit to dwell within in. How? ……LOVE…..

When we stop hating we heal, when we stop worrying, we heal, when we stop crying, we heal. When we stop fighting, we heal.

Healing comes from giving all your burden to the Lord and start focusing on ourselves with love.

We must touch, smell, we taste, we see and listen with love.

We must not use our senses to hate ourselves, we must use it for the glory of God. We must use it by the power given to us to heal ourselves and love ourselves. 

How can I touch my partner, if I do not have love.

How can I see and smell the environment and my home if I do not care about how I live. I must love myself to love and clean my home.

How can I taste my meal, if I do not thank God for the food and love what has been cooked.

How can I see the beauty infront of me if I hate my family or friends. 

How can I listen to any advises if I do not have love.

Love is very important in our lives, live in Love. Accept the faults, accept the challenges and just fall in love.

The Lost

I was sitting at my home and word came for me to read Luke 15. When I turn to Luke’s book, the chapter talks about the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son. I want to discuss these verses here. You may have your own views, it is a joy to share.

The lost sheep

I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent

Luke 15: 1-7

We shall not judge nor should we choose between our friends. Everyone is the same. God has a plan for each one of us. We all must work together as a team for this plan to be successful. We must uplift one another, everyone walks in a straight line towards God’s holy presence to achieve his glory. We must not judge with our eyes but open our eyes to love and give a helping hand to one another. We must walk the path which God has planned for each one of us. When must seek our lost friend or family member and bring back to God’s Holy presence and light. When such happens everyone is heaven will rejoice.

The lost coin

And when she finds it, she calls her friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost coin.’ 10 In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

Luke 15: 9 – 10

In Luke’s book, the coin is very precious in the old Woman’s eyes, when she lost one coin, she did everything she can to find it. We use a coin to buy a good or use a service.

We are so precious in God’s eyes. God loves us so much and always awaits us. We are like the coin, everyday we walk past people, we allow people to handle our lives, we allow people to use us, we allow people to make an investment out of us, we allow people to build us, we allow people to teach us and we allow people to bury us.

Too much has been going on we forgot the love that God has for us.

When we turn away from our sins and we become clean once more, God will tuck us in and put us in the path he has planned for us. A path full of Joy and peace, people will use us with love and build us up with love because we did not lose ourselves sinfully in this world.

The lost son

31 “‘My son,’ the father said, ‘you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. 32 But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’”

Luke 15: 31-32

Our father in heaven is always there for us, let us turn our face to him. We have been following the desires of this world and forgot the love God has for us. Sometimes in life, our prayers are not answered, our plans do not work, our burdens are getting heavier, we have not support from anyone. These things happen because we do not walk on the path that God has chosen for us.

We must seek God in everything we do, we must always ask him in every single plan we wish for. Success does not come easy, only God can carry our burdens. Only God can direct us.

When we return to God, he will be so happy. He is always there for us, watching and waiting.

Allow yourselves to him, trust him, seek him, pray to him.


I had some conversations with a friend of mine and want to find out what she thinks of her closest friends and family.

Me: I am going to call out some names and let me know how you feel towards them

Friend: Alright

Me: John

Friend: Lazy

Me: Jenny

Friend: Show off

Me: Your Mum

Friend: Unstable

Me: Your husband

Friend: selfish and ignores me

I continue to call out a few names and lastly I called out the name of our baby niece.

Friend: She is beautiful, and makes me laugh every day. I like her so much.

Me: From all your answers you love our niece more than everyone I mentioned. Why do you always look at the negative side of a person and not look at the positive side.

We all have a positive side, God loves us so much. How can we practice love when we always look at the negative side of a person?

People will reject us, hate us or ignore us. Sometimes we receive messages from annoying people or we just do not like to reply.

The people who annoy us are the ones who are fond of us and practice love, we should return love to them. The people who reject us do not have love, therefore, we must show love to them.

It does not matter how people work, talk, treat you or see you. What matters is trying to see the person in a positive way and dig out the love from within. From there we will see so much positivity in them. When we work together thinking well of each other we practice love.

Water and Wind

I read through the following verse Matthew 14:22-33 and studied it further applying it to our daily lives.

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There are many ways to knowing where we are at our lives. Three of them I can think of are below;

  1. Some of us are like the waves, when the wind blows, we carry ourselves along with the wind and land on any island or any place of desire our body eager to receive. Our focus is mainly on the world, satisfying our minds and emotional feelings. We do not have a purpose or Godly direction in our lives. We like to compete with one another, we like to enjoy life more.
  2. Some of us are like Saint Peter. Jesus called us and we walk on water towards him. Our lives are partly with Jesus but we still hold on to our worldly desires. At times we have faith and purpose, however, our minds tend to slip away easily by friends, families and our craving or passion to satisfy our own bodies. We go back to the way things were. We fall right down back to number one above and want the wind to blow us again.
  3. Walking on water. Some of us are like how Jesus walked on water. We have faith and purpose. No women or men or anything in the world will make us stumble or fall into number one or number two. We do not doubt any of our plans and our mission. We have a Godly direction and we do not allow the wind to blow us anywhere. We face the storm and move with strength and power.

We all need to be in number three. We need to have faith, do not be afraid to move on and step out of our comfort zone.

Do not allow the water to drag you down, do not allow your friends or worldly desires to drag you down.

Do not allow the wind to push you, do not allow your emotional desires and worldly bodily passions to push you down.

Step on water and wind, walk on them and focus on the things in life that matters more.

Have faith.