The Parable of the Weeds

The Parable of the Weeds in Matthew 13:24-30 talks about the challenges of life. 

The weeds represent difficulties we have with people, our families, work, spiritual growth and our physical needs and desires.

God created us for a reason in this life, to live according to his plans. 

God is the farmer who sowed the good seed in the field. 

We are born into this world in different cultures, surrounded by different people and families. 

Each year as we aged, we age with challenges (weeds) from people, work, spirits and physical sickness. 

These weeds which we come across in our lives will test us for who we really are. Do we choose to be harvested as wheat or do we choose to be weeds? 

God did not remove these weeds because if he did, we would not learn to be patient, kind, have love and to save a soul. 

He wanted us to grow with these weeds to make us stronger to follow the plan he has intended for us. 

We are to produce the wheat which he plans for us. In other words, the wheat represents our purpose in life, our spiritual gifts, the light in us, faith and love. 

When a weed grows among wheat, we face a lot of weed challenges in our lives. 

Most of our challenges come from our own families because they are closer weeds to us than other people’s weeds.

Some weeds are very close that they affect our spiritual growth, they affect our ability to progress in life because of our many desires and needs which clouds up our own judgements.

God (farmer) and his angels are waiting to remove these weeds and as they wait, we continue we make our own decisions without involving the farmer in our decision making. 

As a result we continue living with the same challenges. We become physically sick and psychologically stressed just to cope with our everyday activities. We have so many things going on in our lives that we lost our connection with God.

The farmer knows that we do not have enough light or strength so he decides to allow darkness (weed) to make us strong to grow. 

If the weeds outgrow the wheat, we will be uprooted also and tied to be burned. 

If the wheat outgrow the weeds, we will be gathered together with the other wheat and brought back into God’s barn. 

We therefore, must overcome these challenges and turn to God to give us strength to help us spiritually and physically grow. 

This is the time for pruning and removing weeds from our lives, so that we are ready on the day the Lord decides to send out his angels to gather in the harvest. 

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