The true light

If you read in John 1:6-13. The main word from these verses is the light.

What is the light? Is it God’s glory? How can the light benefit us? Why do we need this light? Why did John the Baptist want us to be baptised?

When God created the universe, he turned darkness into light. He made the day and he made the night. He put animals, trees and all sorts of food to grow on the land.

We were called to use these creation because God love us and want us to fulfil his

When we have love, we have his light. The light of glory, the mark of holiness, the mark of his children.

The light always shows us through the Holy Spirit what we need to change, renew and remove. The more we cleanse ourselves, we have more light to do God’s purpose in our lives.

We are baptised to be part of God’s heavenly kingdom. We and all the other souls will become Godly showing God’s light.

This light on earth is also reflected in heaven.

The creation is the word of God. The light is when we accept the word of God and it dwells within us. This light manifests in us to show the path we must take to entering the kingdom of God.

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