Healing through Love

We have our own problems and totally forgot the love God has given to us.

God created the environment, the sea, air and animals. He created family, he created our senses to use for these yet we forget love.

We must never forget to heal ourselves through God’s Power. Ask God to heal us, ask God to put love into our hearts and ask God’s Holy Spirit to dwell within in. How? ……LOVE…..

When we stop hating we heal, when we stop worrying, we heal, when we stop crying, we heal. When we stop fighting, we heal.

Healing comes from giving all your burden to the Lord and start focusing on ourselves with love.

We must touch, smell, we taste, we see and listen with love.

We must not use our senses to hate ourselves, we must use it for the glory of God. We must use it by the power given to us to heal ourselves and love ourselves. 

How can I touch my partner, if I do not have love.

How can I see and smell the environment and my home if I do not care about how I live. I must love myself to love and clean my home.

How can I taste my meal, if I do not thank God for the food and love what has been cooked.

How can I see the beauty infront of me if I hate my family or friends. 

How can I listen to any advises if I do not have love.

Love is very important in our lives, live in Love. Accept the faults, accept the challenges and just fall in love.

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