I had some conversations with a friend of mine and want to find out what she thinks of her closest friends and family.

Me: I am going to call out some names and let me know how you feel towards them

Friend: Alright

Me: John

Friend: Lazy

Me: Jenny

Friend: Show off

Me: Your Mum

Friend: Unstable

Me: Your husband

Friend: selfish and ignores me

I continue to call out a few names and lastly I called out the name of our baby niece.

Friend: She is beautiful, and makes me laugh every day. I like her so much.

Me: From all your answers you love our niece more than everyone I mentioned. Why do you always look at the negative side of a person and not look at the positive side.

We all have a positive side, God loves us so much. How can we practice love when we always look at the negative side of a person?

People will reject us, hate us or ignore us. Sometimes we receive messages from annoying people or we just do not like to reply.

The people who annoy us are the ones who are fond of us and practice love, we should return love to them. The people who reject us do not have love, therefore, we must show love to them.

It does not matter how people work, talk, treat you or see you. What matters is trying to see the person in a positive way and dig out the love from within. From there we will see so much positivity in them. When we work together thinking well of each other we practice love.

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