Water and Wind

I read through the following verse Matthew 14:22-33 and studied it further applying it to our daily lives.

Photo by Life Of Pix on Pexels.com

There are many ways to knowing where we are at our lives. Three of them I can think of are below;

  1. Some of us are like the waves, when the wind blows, we carry ourselves along with the wind and land on any island or any place of desire our body eager to receive. Our focus is mainly on the world, satisfying our minds and emotional feelings. We do not have a purpose or Godly direction in our lives. We like to compete with one another, we like to enjoy life more.
  2. Some of us are like Saint Peter. Jesus called us and we walk on water towards him. Our lives are partly with Jesus but we still hold on to our worldly desires. At times we have faith and purpose, however, our minds tend to slip away easily by friends, families and our craving or passion to satisfy our own bodies. We go back to the way things were. We fall right down back to number one above and want the wind to blow us again.
  3. Walking on water. Some of us are like how Jesus walked on water. We have faith and purpose. No women or men or anything in the world will make us stumble or fall into number one or number two. We do not doubt any of our plans and our mission. We have a Godly direction and we do not allow the wind to blow us anywhere. We face the storm and move with strength and power.

We all need to be in number three. We need to have faith, do not be afraid to move on and step out of our comfort zone.

Do not allow the water to drag you down, do not allow your friends or worldly desires to drag you down.

Do not allow the wind to push you, do not allow your emotional desires and worldly bodily passions to push you down.

Step on water and wind, walk on them and focus on the things in life that matters more.

Have faith.

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