The Judas way?

In Matthew chapter 26 and 27, you can read stories of Jesus about his betrayal and death.

The life of Jesus does not only teach us to follow his way but to understand also the terrible things happening now and will be in the future. The Bible mentioned so many problems people are facing now, yet we do not understand the Jesus way.

We are in our own position, handling our own life. We have the power to control our own lives. We have the body, soul and spirit to determine our path.

We have our own power to use it the Judas way or the Jesus way? Some of us are in between, maybe we call it sitting on the fence way.

The sitting on the fence way is when we go back and forth, allowing Jesus in our lives and sometimes also Judas. When we are in trouble, we quickly seek Jesus. When we are not in trouble we treat ourselves to the Judas way.

It is Easter and many people are in Jesus way. Jesus is the talk of the day on Easter and palm Sunday. What happened to talking about Jesus daily?

We forget much the pain and suffering he has been through to save our souls from sin. Here I say soul, because our souls are very important to God. A Godly soul is led by the spirit of God. A Judas way soul is led by the evil spirit.

We betray Jesus everyday when we do not speak to and of him. Judas, adisciple of Jesus only betray him once for the love of money. Why speak of him at all when you only do that at times of need?

We should be thankful and grateful for everything we have, for family, for food, for water and shelter, for all our friends. We cannot be enjoying these things without him. It is Jesus who have been with us all this time through these things yet we do not recognise him at all.

When I speak to a friend, I use my mouth, lips and voice. These actions I cannot have without Jesus. My physical being? My mind, my thoughts, my actions are given by God. How do we use it rightly for Jesus?

Am only allowed to use my senses, actions and thoughts for Jesus through my love for other people, helping other people, giving and supporting others. Why do we use what God has given us to hurt, betray, steal and poisoned others. We are doing this many times more than Judas did.

Should we apply the Judas way many times over or should we apply the Jesus way?

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