People are healed in many ways physically and spiritually.  I have seen and experience many different types of healing methods.  

There are so many stories I wanted to share, however, it would be best to tell you more the truth about healing and only whom you shall seek. The healing am talking about here is for when you are physically sick, depressed, lonely, and spiritually sick. 

It will all go away if you believe in yourself and be strong

 It takes time to heal, some people waited years before they heal. Once i sat with an uncle of mine at the clinic and asked him a few questions. He is mentally and Physically ill. The doctors can help him physically, however, on the other hand I can see he is always stressed and always worried what happens if he dies. These are the moments of opportunity for me to give encouragement to him which will bring healing.

Today people use a lot of traditional herbs, homemade medicines, expensive products, books etc there are so many i come across but in the end there is one solution, having faith in God. Jesus did not use any products, he only touch a few people such as the healing of the blind man at Bethsaida. The rest of them he gave word, and most touch his cloak. All of them healed with his presence. 

Your worries, thoughts and feelings should be given unto the Lord 

Jesus did not read a thousand words from the Bible to heal. He spoke with authority and faith. 

Faith will heal you 

Jesus did not give a powerful product to the woman who was bleeding for 12 years. The woman who was bleeding for 12 years have faith. She did not believe in anyone else but God. 

We heal physically and spiritually when we have faith in ourselves, we love ourselves enough to look after ourselves. If any healing we see is outside of what Jesus does then it is not true healing. Do not waste your money or your time going to people who say they can heal. Maybe they can but it would be much better to have a relationship with God and believe he can heal. God can also advise us who to go to for healing. Such as the story from Saul who became blind and he was told by Jesus to go and see Ananias. Ananias is a disciple of Jesus in Damascus who was asked to restore the sight of Saul. The Saul who is now Saint Paul. 

Healing may come in many ways but understanding yourself, healing yourself is the way to respecting yourself, loving yourself and also sharing this healing to others. 

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