Many things happen in this world. Each of our own worlds are so different, hence, I want to talk about Afterlife.  Our spirit can be good or bad, this is the spirit which we are born with. Our physical body/nature is our human nature and our senses we use daily.

For now, ignore the soul, and concentrate on your spirit and your body. We are born with it, we were innocent and humble, very delicate and bright, very simple and angelic. The moment we start to grow from being a child to adult, we start to create a distance between our spirit and the physical body. Our views are changed from spiritual into physical human nature. We learn more of the physical world, we use our senses to learn more about the life on earth.

When we were children, our spirit is very pure, but it changes into the type of spirit we physically wanted to as we grow up. It may be a good or bad spirit.

Our parents are there for us to teach us to be kind and loving, knowing the good and the bad. These teachings help us to lessen the gap between the spirit and our physical body. It teaches us spiritually to be a good person even though physically we are going through situations such as being bullied, been hurt, been unsuccessful and so on.

When we reach an older age, we start to make our own decisions without our parents. We get released from the teachings of our parents and merge into the physical world with others.

The moment we get released is an important era in our lives where we ourselves determine our afterlife. We make decisions, choices, plans, goals etc. on what we want to become or achieve. The most important not to forget is not diverting ourselves away from our spirit.

The reason our spirit is more important than the physical body/nature is because, the spirit is linked to God and it is only the route to afterlife. The afterlife is determined by what we do physically now which we should be training our spirit to merge with the Holy Spirit that God has planned for us.

We created a distance from God even more when we start to follow the ways of the world.

We have the spirit and the body. When we die, we only have the spirit, and the spirit is eternity. That is why it is important to training and nurture the spirit than the physical nature. The physical nature disappears when we die but the spirit continues on and gets judged by God. How we train our spirit to become like God’s likeness determines our path in afterlife.

Our path, when we are alive is a plan given by God.  You have to accept God’s Holy Spirit to teach your spirit or control your spirit to succeed in the plans chosen for you.

Let us talk about balance, the balance of our spirit and Physical nature. Lets’ say, am a clever, knowledgeable student, and later become one of the directors of a very large wealthiest firm. Physically, yes am rich, am wealthy, I know my business and I know a lot of rich people. The problem here is, I have no connection with my spirit and God. My spirit is not Holy because I have no God in me.  I have no God in my plans, I have no wisdom from above but only earthly wisdom.

When I die, all my wealth goes to someone else. Where does my spirit go? It did not go to God because while am alive, I do not know God. I am only left with the spirit that hover the world with other lost spirits.

Your spirit becomes Holy and it follows the ways of Christ when you believe in God and have a connection with God. At that moment of connection, a surge of Holy spirit’s gifts flows into your spirit making it one with God. You do not only have knowledge of the world but also knowledge of the spiritual world. You become both spiritual and physically angelic being in God’s eyes.

Your becoming Holy Spirit teaches you physically to do things in the physical world according to God’s plan. A lot of us these days do not train our spirit or fill the gap between the spirit and physical nature. The physical nature must be aligned to your Spirit. Both must be in perfect harmony for afterlife living with God.

Insert into your life timeline the following; prayers, helping people, donations, support, read the word of God, learn to understand God and love God to push up your spirit to match your physical nature of knowledge. As time goes by, your spirit will become holy and the moment it reaches your physical nature at the top, both are one with God.

For example, you have a relationship, both of you plan to live together, therefore, you both merge your plans, work together, have children together and build a house together. The togetherness brought you years of living until aged.  You put trust, you put energy, you both went through difficulties, you both are successful. Even though problems exist you both worked hard to make it work. Same with the Spirit and Physical nature, both must be together even though it is hard to make it happen.

To elaborate more, read the following verse;

James 3:13-18, “But if you have bitter jealousy, and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast and be false to the truth. This is not the wisdom that comes down from above, but earthly, unspiritual, demonic. For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice. But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere. And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.

The verse above simply tells us that when we use physical nature of our own accord and ambition, we have nothing else but all these rubbish in our hearts. Such do not come from the Holy Spirit but of the world.

When we have the Holy Spirit with us, we have everything, we have God and everything we ask for. The more we have the Holy Spirit, the more what we do physically is acceptable to our hearts and the hearts of all mankind. We have gifts which increases in us more out of the world knowledge than the one we have now in this world.

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