Glass Cup

We have a dirty cup of glass.

We clean the inside for cleanliness to reflect on the outside.

Same with personal goals and changes. We change by cleaning the inside of our cup for it to reflect on the outside. Whatever happens it is our cup of glass not someone else’s. We have our own right to do whatever pleases our life.

When we have an own way of motivating ourselves to succeed, nothing should be able to hinder it. Our love for it, our determination for it, our intelligence and being inspired by others should be the focus to push us forward in making our motivation of that plan come true.

Our dirty cup may contain jealousy, relationship issues, people bothering us, failures, stress, making the wrong decisions, sadness etc, all of these dirt needs to be thrown away. Be us, be awesome, be clean, start anew, select only a few and always smile.

We should know if someone tries to put their heaviness on us, or start making decisions with us included. Do not include ourself in decisions we cannot fit in.

We all have our own plans, our own future, and our own path before and after we die.

There is no set rules, we learn the rules when we are brought up, and we apply the rules we take in. Yes, other people have their own conditions, but that person who loves us the most is the only one who can accept our conditions.

When we began cleaning our cup, we are also shaping it into our most incredible us.

Our awesomeness, our humble spirit, our passion, our success, our pride, our relationships, our plans, our love, and our kind heart comes only from ourselves.

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