A Simple Thank you

A simple thank you will do.
It would be nice to always acknowledge and say thank you to people who helped you. Promoting yourself at another’s expense is a big no. Why go into partnership with another and rely on them to do everything. Acknowledging the efforts of others to reach your goals through their 24/7 hours of work, just for you is a must.
You are the sun, we are the rain.
Rain Boss:  Team? What did the sun wants
Rain Team: Rain
Rain Boss: How much?
Rain Team:  A flood
Rain Boss:  Well, burst open the fountains of the great deep and opens the flood gates of heaven. Make it rain and cover the whole earth.
Rain Team: The rain has lasted everyday for a year Boss
Rain Boss: Did the Sun respond?
Rain Team: No, the Sun was sleeping for a year
Rain Boss: Did the Sun say Thank you?
Rain Team: No, the Sun increases in energy and power
Rain Boss: Close the flood gates of the corners of the earth, close the fountains underground, cut off all water routes, take away the rivers, take away waterfalls, take away springs, and take away every single drop of rain.
Rain Team: It is done
Rain Boss: What did the Sun Say?
Rain Team: The Sun is crying for water and rain. The earth has dried up. All the plants, birds and Animals have died. There is no water to drink. When will we help the sun again?
Rain Boss: We have covered the earth with rain while the Sun gains power. People cry for the Sun. Birds and Animals are wet and needed the Sun.
Rain Team: What do you want us to do?
Rain Boss: We made an agreement and a simple thank you was not given. Stop the rain!
Rain team: How long?
Rain Boss: 70 x 7, we  can find another planet
Always say Thank you to your family, your partner, your children, your sponsors, your donors, and the companies who promote you. Your popularity is because of the people around you, the people you work with and the people who supported you.
Your mornings are God’s, your afternoons are God’s, and your evenings are God’s.
Thank you to God also for the many blessings and wonderful creation in our heart to understand truly who we are. We are God’s light through his blessings; we must pass on blessings to others through prayer, through our action and through a thankful heart.
A thankful heart does not hinder the truth of God’s power but install in us a heart full of wondrous blessings one can be tearful for.
Blessings so divine, nurturing, kind, gentle and loving where one wish so much for others.
Be proud of what you do because am proud of who you are and am thankful for God has given much we did not ask for.
Blessing and love always be with you. May the blessings of rain and sun fall and shine on your face 70 x 7.

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