Life as it is

One of my followers wants me to write about life and because it is a very broad topic I decided to write about moving on and starting a new chapter in life. 

I do not know your problems, regrets or how you feel when trying to change your life or trying to move on but what I do know is that we all go through struggles and hardships.

When we think back, we usually say we wasted our years doing something we do not love. Some of us may say, the person who is living with us is dragging us along when we should be focusing on ourselves and our purpose. 

We do not realize that the person we live with is relying on us most of the time, maybe because of love. 

We do not realize our families are forcing us to do something we do not love or we are not independent enough to make such decisions and we end up doing someone else’s purpose in life.

Being independent shows your true worth and purpose

What I think we should do when we try to move on and starting a new chapter is try to become independent and finding our true self. 

  1. cut off all ties of those who always rely on you to do work for them 
  2. if you have a relationship be true to yourself and your partner, if it does not work, forget it. 
  3. get rid of unnecessary issues that you do not need to get involved in
  4. find your purpose, put God first and seek for answers why you are here 
  5. work hard and invest in yourself, focus on your career goals, make yourself worthy, leap high and aim towards success 
  6. Open up to new opportunities and try 
  7. Avoid trying to satisfy everyone 
  8. Find a space in your busy work schedule to push forward with your own honesty and what comes to heart, be yourself 
  9. Do not run away from people but tell them straight up you are not interested 
  10. Tell people to shove up their ass what negative comments come your way

You are not selfish, you are trying to be who you are. Do not listen to what people say about you, a frog does not stay on a lily pad or bask in the sun forever, it leaps or pokes out its tongue for food. You do not have to poke out your tongue, what I mean is doing things on your own and selecting which one is best for you. 

Have you heard of the princess kissing a frog and it turns into a prince? well, true story…ha ha

It is a success to turn a frog into someone beautiful/handsome. Lets just say you were the frog and you were ugly, you were let down, you are tired and restless, you fail and end up looking like an old frog. Puff! you move on and turn into a prince.

I wonder if you will turn into a crocodile, if that is the case then that means you are going back to your own shit. For example, you had a relationship/job, it did not work out and down the track you went back to the same situation. Had another bad relationship, do the same old job…recurring occurs again and again.

I hope all goes well with you and many many showers of independence coming your way. 




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