Bossy Bosses 

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Working with others to achieve a certain goal may have its own difficulties, it is we alone who makes a difference in our own lives. We can work for others, work with others and still be a good leader to everyone around us. 
A lot of children were brought up into a successful family. Some of these children are spoilt rotten, very bossy and treat people unfairly. Others like to enjoy life to the fullest by partying, drinking and making love. Yes,….you know the drill. Then there is some of us, well, sort of. That is how I wobbly come in. 
Let us pray or should I say let us start from scratch and talk about the bossy bosses.
There are certain characters I want to learn from working under different bosses:
  1. to become a good leader 
  2. treating people the right way
  3. how to be successful 
Or I can just come home and run the company and be bossy, may I not care how people feel? Sometimes I wish am a bitch who treats people like a witch, however, it did not happen. I am blessed with opportunities I did not take for granted because I was advised not to. Worst I was taught to work hard to pay my own expenses, I hope am not enslaved to do this all these years. 
I come across a lot of bosses whom I learnt a great deal from. Even though most of them are very unfriendly and some seem to be a psychopathic but I always make sure they get what they need. At the end of the day sometimes my thoughts are…..I will never treat people that way. 
The years rolled on and finally am here and would like to share with you some of my experiences and maybe it may help in someway of how to work with other people.
  1. Always work with people after giving instructions, be available and do not always appear to be available. Some people do not have the courage to ask a boss how to do a job. be available to work with them, train them but give them a dead line.
  2. Understand your workers, meaning know their family, how they live, how many children, what schools they go to, marital problems etc You do not have to ask every time but at least know what will cause them to fall if you are also using their physical and spiritual strength to work for you. 
  3. Always smile and talk with people, be open and laugh with them, make jokes with them. Be kind and supportive. I heard you got married recently, is that the reason you are late to work? That person may feel happy at the same time thoughts are running through. Yes, am a married person but I have work commitments, even though my Boss jokes about it, he/she is right. This is not offensive but plain and loving.
  4. Know your work process, along the line if one of your workers is sick then you step in. Who told you to tell another to step in when they have their work load already? You are the boss you get someone new or you step in.
  5.  You must have contacts of all. When there is a natural disaster, you must call them and ask if they are alright. Are you not their friend? It is a work day and be understandable if they do not come. Your workers are also your families.
  6. When you warn people, talk to them and then give them their letters. Talking is different from reading. Walking is different from running and Singing is different from shouting. How you make people feel is important. A job is not a wife, a wife can nag you all day, a job should motivate and encourage you.
  7.  Each day we do not know what has happened last night. When someone walks into your office ask how their day went. I tell you they may end up crying or laugh. You never know if they have good sex, he sucks the baby’s milk while crying or should I say he baby sit all night? OK, that is enough! Every day is a new day and we must accept each other’s problems.
  8. Arrh…you have a problem, do not bring it to the office, solve it at  home. Your workers do not want to get involved with your problems. Yes, you may not have a good relationship with your wife at home or you kept running away from this girl who absolutely seems to be around…haha but a good cook does not waste a good food. What am I saying?
  9. Alright, no wantok system which means if you have a family working with you then you keep them away from your workers. Every family have different characters, if one does not treat your workers right, tell them to leave.
  10.  Always serve the same food you eat in the staff cafeteria with workers or make time to eat with them once in while. Take them out for dinner, praise them for a job well done, be encouraging and give your heartfelt care.
There is much more, the above are some areas I want to share and hope you can apply them when working with others. You also need the following verses to read;
Matthew 7:12, ” So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets”.
Matthew 20:26, ” Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant”
Be considerate and be kind, gentle and loving towards one another. Yes, we have our own problems but it is not for us to judge, God will do the revenge not you. 
May the God of all understanding, wisdom and knowledge continuously keeps your humility in heart to lead with justice and love. 

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