Life in Christ

I have moved to a two bedroom unit and am happy to have my own office just the way I like it, still untidy and not perfectly organised yet.  The most wonderful feeling is having to concentrate on my own and doing what I like with peace and quietness. When we are busy in life, sometimes we do not have time for God. Everyday is special and a spiritual day where we should spend time with God in silence and prayer. 

Life is full of wonders and excitement yet the key to eternal life is God. The key to endless joy of happiness is God. Every good thing comes from God in perfection and purity. 

Yes, we are important to the world, we travel, we read, we sing, we enjoy partying, we visit friends, decorate our houses, we post pictures and enjoy fully the world God has given to us yet some of us take the world as their own without realising that God is the source of all these wants. 

I sit with people, talk to them and study them, some I truly admire and wish am doing what they do, however, it is not my life I must say. We are all so different and unique in every way, for us to try to be in the shoes of another without God’s approval will lead to slowness and hardship of life not worthy in God’s eyes. 

Have we no time to be happy? we do but we must also think about living a life acceptable to the bright spiritual world. No we are not old, it is that time in life where changes happen and we adjust to living accordingly to christ’s word. 

There comes times where you just want to be alone and read or just be at a place where your body can blend in with nature. 

What is the core of our existence? Acts 17:26-28, “From one human being he created all races of people and made them live throughout the whole earth. He himself fixed beforehand the exact times and the limits of the places where they would look for him, and perhaps find him as they felt around for him. Yet God is actually not far from any one of us; as someone has said,  in him we live and move and exist. It is as some poets have said, we too are  his children. ” 

It is just plain simple, we are God’s, in him we live, move and exist. Some of us may pray again and again for something we truly want but is it what God planned for us? Sometimes our opportunities are right there before our eyes which God has placed for us yet we do not reach out to it. 

When? when will we start realising the importance to living for Christ? We love ourselves too much and start ignoring our times and limits, we go beyond and become selfish and say we are enough of our own. Have we no clue God is there?

The answer to life is already within us, we already know what we should do yet we ignore the very knowledge of mind, body, soul and spirit God has brought into existence to help us. We have issues and we cannot solve them ourselves? why? Because we have limits to certain areas of life which God put and being to selfish will bring such upon us.

Then here we go again saying, Lord the burden I have is too much for me, please look upon me with sympathy for am your servant who is not strong enough to handle worldly temptations.  Living is christ, word is christ, our body is christ, every single way we walk is christ.

Life in christ is being without fault, being perfectly beautiful, so brilliant and admirable.




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