I want to talk about cleaning today because it is a topic of interest where women do a lot cleaning but usually never discuss it, some women are very good at it and some not. 


In our Country, the different islands brought up their girls with different teachings of cleaning and some parents are very demanding while others are not. Most girls in villages always work hard walking distances to carry water, do gardening, cook, and clean the house. Each day is the same, nowadays a lot of young girls do no such work. 

Part of cleaning does not only teach us to clean the house but teach us to be responsible for ourself. Cleaning teaches us as a child to work hard and apply the same hardness when we work at an office. 

I believe women can blend in very well when they applied for a job because they know how hard they should work. An office job is so much simpler than doing house work. 

My village aunties were my baby sitters and taught me differently how to clean, also I have strict parents who likes everything clean. I had a cleaning business while looking for a job and phew! some of the houses I clean are very dirty, therefore I have to change most of my cleaning products because some products have very strong smell.

I used to do cleaning also at this hotel and ask myself why some men like to hang their g-string underwear in front of the mirror, seriously the things i see is explicit. Weird things women see and laugh about. 

Most young girls these days do not realize the importance of cleaning, they look down on older women, they do not listen to older women or they are always busy with their phones. 

Sitting with my aunties and other women to discuss cleaning is very interesting, especially when you find some women apply cleaning differently. Sometimes we go over how to fold a shirt ten times before I can remember, now! I forgot. A woman knows their boss’s preference of cleaning and the way to iron their husband’s shirt. 

Cleaning is part of life, cleaning is part of being healthy,and cleaning is pure. Cleaning puts large smiles on your husband and children’s faces. Cleaning is not only for women but men. A couple can share cleaning responsibilities in the house, outside and especially their body. 

I love cleaning, do you?! 

Why not start a cleaning business? People start somewhere to be who they are now, they firstly can be cleaners, dishwashers, store keeper etc it is all about hard work and patience to be where you are now. 

Merry Christmas everyone! Eat well and be clean! 

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