Some of us

This week feels like a Lent season for me instead of Christmas chills. It is like a dead tree that fell on top of a green tree, some of us tend to ruin another just because they have issues of their own. 


One can work so hard to invest and achieve their goals, and there comes a wolf full of pride, hatred, jealousy and sickening thought ready to attack every move you make. 

If some of us have issues why can’t they solve it themselves? Is there not enough love in our hearts to understand pressure of success.

A young and brilliant mind with focus on investing in the future comes with patience, courage and grace. A young and jealous mind with focus on achieving own goals comes with evil thoughts every night, what are my plans of evil wolf success?

The mind and heart do not go one inch below love, the center is perfect. There is a limit to jealousy, we can be jealous for good reasons to make us successful, however, to be jealous of someone because they achieve so much does not go well in the Books of God. 

I always love to read the book of Kings, King Solomon and all the kings after him always have their advisers and prophets to direct them, some prophets very Godly like. These Kings wealthy and wise as they are  later walks in with stupidity  because of their jealousy and pride. 

1 Kings 11-13 God said to Solomon, “Since this is the way it is with you, that you have no intention of keeping faith with me and doing what I have commanded, I’m going to rip the kingdom from you and hand it over to someone else. But out of respect for your father David I won’t do it in your lifetime. It’s your son who will pay—I’ll rip it right out of his grasp. Even then I won’t take it all; I’ll leave him one tribe in honor of my servant David and out of respect for my chosen city Jerusalem.”

We all have our purpose in life, to live according to what God plan for us. If we focus enough we can understand and follow the purpose. We are here to love, be kind and generous to one another. We are people of God and he loved us so we should share his love openly to others. 

Our hearts should be full of fruits of the Holy Spirit, work on them, each comes with a test from God. One by one you will master these fruits of patience, kindness, peace, love, goodness, self-control, faithfulness, gentleness, and Joy.  If you can have a little bit  of each you are in the right track. 

Always share and bless people, in return God will see how much heart you have and give you more than you ask for.  If people hate you for what you have, pray and be merry for everything belongs to God not them. 

Pray for those who do not love you. Love your enemies. 




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