Spiritual Giving

Today morning my family went to church while I  looked after my nephew. Usually on Sundays I visit places or people to share or give. I took him to have breakfast with me at a hotel and taught him all about Christmas giving. We went to visit a care centre to give some donations and I explained to him that Christmas is not taking, it is giving.

Giving from the heart, there are so many children who have nothing and must be given the blessing that God gives to each of us.

I have faith and believe in spiritual giving. Giving is all from the heart, giving is not measured when you lovely freely give.

This does not only mean give when God speaks to you. You give when you feel it in your heart to give because of what you see, feel or hear.

Some people measure their giving and this is not right. Some people thought 10 percent giving from your funds is enough, no it is not. When you give your tithe, it is your tithe, what comes after from the heart is spiritual giving.

What is spiritual giving? I believe it is when your goodness in spirit tells you someone is in need.

You are pleasing in the eyes of God in giving, in sharing, in loving, being fruitful to helping people, none can take such a blessing away from you.

Sometimes I sit in my car, in my office, in my room and a thought pops up in my mind, it extends to a story and I act upon it. If I do not act upon it my spirit keeps on repeating the same story again and again until I stand up and do it. It is annoying but it always comes at the right time, at times you are weak yet you have this energy that says ‘I must do it’.

I am used to it and sometimes the story spirals around the corner to a place where you end up meeting someone you truly hate and eventually you become their friends.

Healing comes with spiritual giving, it is not only about money.

Someone may need a person to talk to, someone may need someone to laugh with, someone may need spiritual wholeness because they feel lost and someone may be lonely because they needed a partner.

We are all here and each of us has a purpose, find your purpose.

It may be a mixture of different gifts, a mixture of healing, and a mixture of solving problems, a mixture of love to share. All of this makes a beautiful wedding cake that God binds together and never separate.



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