Yes, am tired of hearing problems too, so what is a true relationship and how do we find one? Yes, am talking about finding that true color other half of yours. Some may not agree, however, putting it out there for thoughts is better than been stuck in the cloud somewhere where plane/birds(problems) come right through you.
I think a lot of young people do not realize that being you is more important before entering into a long-term relationship. Finding that love within you and accepting yourself in the society. If you do not love yourself enormously, how can you expect to pass such love to others.
Love is like a handful of sand which cannot be counted. If you choose who to love then you are still bound by your own thoughts of low self-esteem, hatred, jealousy, pride etc These thoughts should not be applied when you try to find that special someone.
If you want someone just so that they can just relax your thoughts and self-satisfaction then it will not last long before you ended up hurting yourself again. Another person will not solve your problems, another person will not make you happy, another person will not pay you expensive jewelry, another person will not offer you satisfaction all the time.
You have to be happy yourself and love yourself before trying to find someone.
When such person comes into your life, you have something special to offer, you have love, you have happiness, you are independent, you are organised and worthy to be trusted.
You are teaming up with someone who you will spend the rest of your life with, therefore, you have to be ready and stop being a jerk and rely on a person. The two of you when coming together should not argue, say hatred words, rely on one person, have different plans, no trust etc..
When the two of you come together you should come in perfect harmony, the two of you are happy, have love to offer and give to each other. This is where most problems come in, people thought that having a relationship will solve a problem. No! it is having love and happiness before entering a relationship that will bring forth purposes in life and happiness. 
God chooses wisely, if you are not ready then you wait, if you are so caught up in your own busy schedule then you are not ready. The two of you when getting together should know exactly what the other does, each of your purposes comes together in perfection and align itself with both your spiritual and physical well-being. 
Having that truthful, love, long-lasting relationship is like a branch that bloom flowers every time. A branch that bloom flowers once in a while should be cut down.
Find love through challenging adversity. 

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