Understanding yourself

National Wear Red Day


Today morning I had a wonderful discussion with one of my adviser about introvert and extrovert kinds of individuals, very strong words. Even though I understand these words, i still think these words are bias. The words do not directly say who we really are. 

I like the words optimistic and pessimistic, see meaning below: 

“It’s been so positive…He’s always optimistic, always hungry for the next one.” (Washington Times)
“There has also been a smaller—yet still statistically significant—rise in the frequency of negative words, such as ‘disappointing’ and ‘pessimistic’.” (Nature)
These words bring about the thoughts, how well do people know me? Who am I? 
I find people get to know someone more on the outside,  how people look and  their past mistakes etc this is so boring, seriously where do i know you from? Yes! you were the pole dancer!. Do we have to go there? 
The point is it is the inside of a person you must understand to know who they really are, old or young. If you seek someone to gain knowledge, best to read someone from the inside.
How do i do that?  make sure not to rely on the outside.
An old person may look wise yet very stubborn inside. A young girl may look very dirty outside but very clever and wise inside. Some people pretend to be bubbly and crazy when actually they are studying you. Who knows when someone is there just to understand you better. 
Power, honesty, integrity, humbleness and wisdom all comes from within. You cannot judge the outside based on these spiritual fruits.
You are both physical and spiritual, to judge a person physically is not right. Our body goes down into the ground, does beauty last forever? Attractiveness or Ugliness does not make up who we are.
Yes, sometimes an individual’s outward appearance says who a person is but speaking to a person, understand their words, ask them what they do and listening to them makes it more worthwhile than your ugliness trying to judge on the outside.
The heart of a person they say comes out from thy mouth contributes to who a person is. 
I say people grow and change into beautiful open loving hearts, give them time and not judge. You never know it is you who needs to change from within, the other person is just helping you or showing you.
Remove the darkness from within, clear the dark clouds by making rain drop on you like sparkles of wisdom and power to drive your force forward for a new beginning. 






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