using our senses

I tried to understand myself and my senses for a while and yet cannot grasp the center of it. We have five senses: taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound.

Imagine walking into a room full of people and also imagine walking into an empty room. Is there a difference? Hold this thought while reading through my stories below. Also hold the thought that senses are not just for us to use daily. It tells us what happened in the past and what will happen in the future. 

Firstly, let us talk about smell. Sometimes when I visit a place, went to the morgue or visit the sick, the smell is different. I usually tell the person who came with me before we stepped out to never face change when he/she smell bad odor. It does not work for them, not sure how it does for me. People say am weird, I say respect your surroundings for the smell tells of what happened before and after. It may smell good before and went worse after. Why? Because of reasons you can may want to ask questions about.

Secondly we have taste. My brothers love chilies a lot and when they are want to eat alone they cook chilies with everything. Kissing another is tasting their lips. There are some sick people who lost their sense of taste. Sometimes I do too and bought a bag of lollipop. When you smell food, your senses tells you what you are expecting to taste. 

Thirdly we have Sight. Brothers, the sight of a woman is so attractive one can fall on their knees and say marry me and did not realize the hardship behind it. Sight makes us want/need things, makes us yearn to see things. When we see a travel magazine, or we see others we tend to wish we are them or wish we could see for real the sight of everything. Sight makes us want to smell the atmosphere at the beach, to taste that cocktail and relax.

Touch. When we touch an object with our hands, we want to know how that thing feels, how it arouses us, how we move it. We see, we smell, by touching it we want to taste it.

Lastly is sound, I love the sound of music.  I love classical music, makes me very calm and peaceful. I love to dance to laughter and joy. Sound is a blessing but sometimes the soul wants peace and prefers spiritual sound, no sound. Listen to the sound  of human words. I smell it the air, I taste the food, I see it in front of me and when people tell me about it I hear it is true. 

Now, this is a little difficult, switch to the room full of people and switch back to an empty room.

When you walk into a room full of people, you ask yourself, what happened here? If it is a party, you know in the past days decorations has been done. You basically know the following:

  • event was planned ahead and a program was sent out
  • guests were invited
  • party planners came to the area and make arrangements 
  • a time was set and everyone came 

Everyone laughing and enjoying themselves, you write a story in your mind about that day.

What happened to the empty room you walked in? hmmm nothing. Are you sure? 

You walked in and you see nothing because you are using your normal senses.

Is your mind trying to sense it all? You always use your sense for physical things. You never use it spiritually. 

I want you to sit in your empty room and use your five senses. What happened here and what will happen in the future. You basically should know:

  • Someone lived here before and what happened 
  • can you smell the air 
  • does your mouth taste different
  • can you touch dust or cleanliness 
  • what sounds do you hear

You never know! there is a loved one sitting next to you! You just ignored them all this time. We are not alone. 

Your senses tells you the future of everything, your mind can read ahead and open broadly, you just need to accept the way it goes. Use your senses to see the future. 

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