Foolishness and Stupidity

I have come across people so outside of their body but being foolish and stupid is more lively and deeply that one cannot understand, how on earth does such individual handle themselves. 

I have never met foolish and stupidity before. Now that I do, I want to tell you how great an experience it was to finally come across the experience of getting upset, restless, swearing but never giving up.

When you have humility, kindness, patience and a loving heart, stupidity or foolishness will be a patch on your skin for a day and disappear. 

You are affected in someway by someone’s foolishness, however, you wonder what a lousy experience it was and wish that person whom you met can be healed inside out. Why the hypocritical talks, why causing someone pain, why causing all the issues? 

I ask myself, what is the use of talking sense, let my  mind play to the foolishness of someone. Random like flowers instead of flying where the wind takes them , it flew straight into the muddy pool where birds trample on them. 

Have you counted all the sand? No, because it is too many.

Stupidity and Foolishness says YES! Why! because they always want to win. Even the single bit of spot is touchable by foolishness and stupidity. 

Let me tell you why some people are so disturbing in mind and speak as kings or queens. 

They love it! When you love someone he/she loves you back.  Same with Foolishness and stupidity. 

When you are jealous, envy someone, hate someone or dislike them just because they are beautiful than those feelings will bounce back to you.

You will become that person. You love yourself and  you love these characters.

If you love kindness, it will come to you, if you heal someone, healing will come to you.

If you share with someone, in return someone will share with you. 

If you advice someone, you will receive more knowledge and advice. 

That is why it is important to choose who you want to become. I want to become a loving, caring, sharing and humble person. That will be my attraction, that is what I get.

What do you want to get in return? Mind you have an open heart and your openness will welcome more blessings. 

Do not attract stupidity and foolishness, it will destroy you and love will avoid you. 

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