Sometimes in life, we go through those moments where we try to encourage ourselves and say ‘have faith’. What is faith to make us so determined to get something? what is faith that people always talk about to the point that we tend to choose the wrong paths. 

I know that faith is believing in yourself and making a choice where you think it is right for you. Is it the same for you? 

When it comes to faith there is also doubt?  How do you know it is the right faith, right move or right decision?

When you planted a tree, you plant it in good soil, you water it, you look after it. 

When you were born, your mother breastfeed you, she looks after you and you grow up.

When you started a project, you make plans, you act upon it and  you deliver it. 

When you start school, you study hard, pray hard and you finish school and then go on to universities.

What makes you do all these things? Is it faith or just your normal routine and does not involve anything to do with faith? 

Everything you do, now and in the future is faith. We live by faith, we work on it and we deliver it. 

Faith is not something we apply on certain situations, Faith is applied everyday and yet people differentiate it and thought it is only applied to religious moments.

Moments of your life, career, work, school and friendship faith applied. 

Little or big faith is faith given enough for you to handle. Each of us have different percentage of faith in our bodies and how we feel towards it.  That is, some did some things and others do more things. Some said this is enough and others say we want more. 

How much faith do you have? The moment you have more faith in yourselves, the more people think you are crazy, well bad for them. You have your own faith, you have your own destiny to achieve much more in life. 

Faith is a word of encouragement and takes you to another level of uncertainty where it becomes certain in life. It is walking in darkness where there is no one to help you.

Faith makes rights and wrongs to learn from, it is not always right, it is also very wrong. 

Faith is both wrong and right. Always choose faith and use it for rightly.

This world is full of faith, we leap, we go across from one country to the next, we face problems, we achieve goals, we go into stupid relationships, we hate some of our family members, we laugh and we cry sometimes. Faith is in there. 

Faith is everywhere, be it or not, learn from it. 



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