Be loving

If you can remember those days when you were once a child and the love children have is very vivid and most energetic, we do not know where such love comes from. 

To have love is very difficult for some people because of the background they came from, their culture, their work, how they were treated as kids, how they see things, how they manage things, how they approach situations. It all comes to the starting point as a child. 

Children are innocent creatures, they were born from their mother’s womb without sin and guilt. 

We all know as a child, we are very friendly except when we argue on food, toys, room, playground and so on. Yet we always quickly come back to been a good friend. 

When we advice an Adult to forgive it takes a while for they always think they are sitting on a fence where their whole life depends on which way to go. 

To love is not easy, to go lower, to step aside, to be shamed, to be smacked, and to be known for the mistake. It is not easy to teach love nor easy to apply it. 


Out of love is perfect understanding, living happiness, wisdom, charity, sharing, marriage, trust, honesty and open heart. 

If we all have love in our hearts, this world will be the second heaven to eternity. 

How do we get love? 

We do by loving ourselves first. If we do not love a single part of our body then we cannot love others. The less we love ourselves, the less we love others. The more we love ourselves, the more we love others. What we apply to ourselves we apply to others. 

All the birds fly together, eat together, and jump in puddles together in harmony, how come we do not do the same? it is because we do not love perfectly in one mind.

The mind of a human being is different to that of all the same flowers, all birds, and all creatures. All the cars go in one direction because the city council directs us, however, there are some cars that always go beyond speed limit, some break road rules and some design their cars to look outstanding.  If it is love, we all would be the same, all would clutter together in perfect harmony.

Yes, we are all different in many ways, different in how we live, how we talk, how we look, how we were brought up but if the mind/heart does not have love then we cannot accept ourselves and others. 

Loving others? 

It is easy loving others once we love ourselves, it should come automatically. If it does not then you need to go see Satan to sort out your own problems with him. 

I believe to getting love and loving others is this:

  • Love yourself
  • Forgive yourself and forgive others
  • Love your family 
  • Love your extended family 
  • Love your neighbors 
  • Love your work 
  • Love your God 
  • Love your enemy 

It is not easy, start from within and work outwards, learn your mistakes as you go along, cry as you move outwards. Do as it pleases you for a woman/man of integrity does not fool with love. 


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