Having wisdom

Stupidity, wrong decisions, gossips, hatred, jealousy, judgement and temptations. These are some of the words that do not come with Wisdom. How do you gain wisdom? The simple answer is look for it.

How do you look for it? Ask God to help you look for it. It will come.

When you ask God you also look for it by:

  • praying
  • support elderly people and tell stories with them
  • listen to advice and follow them
  •  have a loving heart and be kind
  • always appreciate people for who they are
  • work with people of lower standard of living
  • work with people of higher standard of living
  • watch people who succeed and follow their method

How do you know you have it? There is no limit to wisdom, one is given limited wisdom and some are given more wisdom. However, you will experience wisdom when you see ahead. There are different kinds of wisdom given by God depending on your purpose and what God wants you to do.

If God wants you to help people, he will given quality wisdom of how to go about helping people and how to tackle issues when arises.

You will always feel sad for people, never jealousy or never hatred, plain sadness that you do not have the opportunity to help them.

People will not listen to you, yet you are happy the way you are, you are happy even though at times lonely. You will never want to compete with anyone, you are neutral and always looking at two sides of the story.

The best part is you always smile and people do not know how much you went through, even though you went through too much difficulty in life, yet you do not regret one single bit of mistake you make. You are happy you learn from it.

Have wisdom and every one of your plans will fall into place just like a rose that opens up and rain drops on it as a cleansing perfume.

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