Spiritual Purpose

I used to go to work catching a train, every morning people commute to the city with their handbags, books etc. I look around one day while going to the city and I wonder what gift each person in the train has. Are we all going to heaven? What purpose did God give to each one of us.

Finding that spiritual gift or purpose is very difficult especially in this current society where a lot of people are not focusing their minds steadily or thinking simple. Nowadays more people treat their minds as a playground for school children kicking balls in their heads.

People jump from one place to the other, they work a lot, they talk a lot, they click on their phones a million times a day yet do not understand that finding your purpose or gift in mind comes through gentleness by giving your bloody mind a break.

The mind can cater for many things, so many things yet we have to control it. If we do not control our minds as to how God plans for us then we cannot find that gift or purpose which God has greatly planned for us the day we were born.

Put it this way, have you ever think of someone handsome or beautiful so much that you lied to your mind thinking that this person likes you? Yeah right, that is another one of those simple mind playing games.

I want to give you four tips in this blog. Making it simple.

To start off,  focus your mind, you have to know your senses and act accordingly to these senses instead of ignoring them. That is physical senses. Do not make your mind think you are touching someone. Touch something directly and that is enough. Who ever lied to you about touching someone or smelling that girl’s perfume in your mind. These are thoughts of never ending stories.

Secondly, sit back and look towards to your future and map it out, plan it out, set your goals. Do not jump from this to there just because someone pops an idea into your silly unstable brain. You need to focus and move ahead, you need to allow God to intervene at this point and not some outsider who does not even know your purpose.

Why do we love Tom and Jerry running after each other all the time? Because that is who we are now. We run after everything and anything. If you manage a business or manage a project, you would know that planning is important. Why not plan your mind and make it work for you?

Thirdly, take time to volunteer, go out and talk to people who are in need. Give when you have more, pass on your blessing to others. You will find a lot of stories through this that will help you understand what life is all about. Life is not only about satisfaction but also Godly happiness in the heart.

The last is, pray.

If you think God does not exist then I wonder why we ever live/breathe. Who made this world? Who made our families? Who created us with so many different thumb prints and faces? Extraordinary I must say.



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