Some of us

This week feels like a Lent season for me instead of Christmas chills. It is like a dead tree that fell on top of a green tree, some of us tend to ruin another just because they have issues of their own. 


One can work so hard to invest and achieve their goals, and there comes a wolf full of pride, hatred, jealousy and sickening thought ready to attack every move you make. 

If some of us have issues why can’t they solve it themselves? Is there not enough love in our hearts to understand pressure of success.

A young and brilliant mind with focus on investing in the future comes with patience, courage and grace. A young and jealous mind with focus on achieving own goals comes with evil thoughts every night, what are my plans of evil wolf success?

The mind and heart do not go one inch below love, the center is perfect. There is a limit to jealousy, we can be jealous for good reasons to make us successful, however, to be jealous of someone because they achieve so much does not go well in the Books of God. 

I always love to read the book of Kings, King Solomon and all the kings after him always have their advisers and prophets to direct them, some prophets very Godly like. These Kings wealthy and wise as they are  later walks in with stupidity  because of their jealousy and pride. 

1 Kings 11-13 God said to Solomon, “Since this is the way it is with you, that you have no intention of keeping faith with me and doing what I have commanded, I’m going to rip the kingdom from you and hand it over to someone else. But out of respect for your father David I won’t do it in your lifetime. It’s your son who will pay—I’ll rip it right out of his grasp. Even then I won’t take it all; I’ll leave him one tribe in honor of my servant David and out of respect for my chosen city Jerusalem.”

The Point here is, you can create your own world, whether it is a Godly one or an Evil world. The more you try to ruin someone’s life, it will come back to you and God will move his hands away from you. I pretty much do not care for some of us deserve what they did. Oops! 

We all have our purpose in life, to live according to what God plan for us. If we focus enough we can understand and follow the purpose. We are here to love, be kind and generous to one another. We are people of God and he loved us so we should share his love openly to others. 

Our hearts should be full of fruits of the Holy Spirit, work on them, each comes with a test from God. One by one you will master these fruits of patience, kindness, peace, love, goodness, self-control, faithfulness, gentleness, and Joy.  If you can have a little bit  of each you are in the right track. 

Always share and bless people, in return God will see how much heart you have and give you more than you ask for.  If people hate you for what you have, pray and be merry for everything belongs to God not them. 

When someone moves with God and you hate them, it is highly likely you are Jealous of God and trying to play with God most of the time.

Be who you are and avoid such people who have no love in their hearts, pray for them though and ask to open their hearts to talk to you even though they hate you. 




Spiritual Giving

Today morning my family went to church while I  looked after my nephew. Usually on Sundays I visit places or people to share or give. I took him to have breakfast with me at a hotel and taught him all about Christmas giving. We went to visit a care centre to give some donations and I explained to him that Christmas is not taking, it is giving.

Giving from the heart, there are so many children who have nothing and must be given the blessing that God gives to each of us.

I have faith and believe in spiritual giving. You will understand giving when you have a peaceful connection with your spirit. How do you know it is time to give? Giving is all from the heart, giving is not measured when you lovely freely give.

This does not only mean give when God speaks to you. You give when you feel it in your heart to give because of what you see, feel or hear.

Some people measure their giving and this is not right. Some people thought 10 percent giving from your funds is enough, no it is not. When you give your tithe, it is your tithe, what comes after from the heart is giving.

What is spiritual giving? I believe it is when your goodness in spirit tells you someone is in need. There are times I saw someone in need when I talk to them, when they visit I already know, when they are far off I can see, when my spirit tells me, I go.  Sometimes you will find there are some tricky people who are liars but you will know.

This weekend was a blessing for me, I found a good builder, he was very surprised with the project costs worth more than millions, he looked up to me and I smiled, for I knew. These costs are like a dot to the almighty, nothing is impossible through him. When you give your full heart to something of value to God, your mind does not hold back but it says I want more.

You are pleasing in the eyes of God in giving, in sharing, in loving, being fruitful to helping people, none can take such a blessing away from you.

Sometimes I sit in my car, in my office, in my room and a thought pops up in my mind, it extends to a story and I act upon it. If I do not act upon it my spirit keeps on repeating the same story again and again until I stand up and do it. It is annoying but it always comes at the right time, at times you are weak yet you have this energy that says ‘I must do it’.

I am used to it and sometimes the story spirals around the corner to a place where you end up meeting someone you truly hate and eventually you become their friends. You used to have a jealous character because of what you been through but after a while you were not for you were spiritually blessed with love.

Once I had a dream then I drove over to my cousin sister, gave her my help and say, ‘did you pray to God’ and she said, “All the time”. I said to her, “I saw you praying “. There were other dreams like this which I will not tell here but I only want you to understand that spiritual giving is not something to play around with.

Healing comes with spiritual giving, it is not only about money. Sometimes I sit with people and ask them a lot of questions to the core of their heart in understanding them. In the end they answer themselves what they always thought was very difficult.

Someone may need a person to talk to, someone may need someone to laugh with, someone may need spiritual wholeness because they feel lost and someone may be lonely because they needed a partner.

We are all here and each of us has a purpose, find your purpose.

It may be a mixture of different gifts, a mixture of healing, and a mixture of solving problems, a mixture of love to share. All of this makes a beautiful wedding cake that God binds together and never separate.





I came across a lot of people who always seem to have difficulty in their relationships, hence I decided maybe i should write something about it. Yes, am tired of hearing problems too, so what is a true relationship and how do we find one? Yes, am talking about finding that true color other half of yours. Some may not agree, however, putting it out there for thoughts is better than been stuck in the cloud somewhere where plane/birds(problems) come right through you.
I think a lot of young people do not realize that being you is more important before entering into a long-term relationship. Finding that love within you and accepting yourself in the society. If you do not love yourself enormously, how can you expect to pass such love to others.
Love is like a handful of sand which cannot be counted. If you choose who to love then you are still bound by your own thoughts of low self-esteem, hatred, jealousy, pride etc These thoughts should not be applied when you try to find that special someone.
If you want someone just so that they can just relax your thoughts and self-satisfaction then it will not last long before you ended up hurting yourself again. Another person will not solve your problems, another person will not make you happy, another person will not pay you expensive jewelry, another person will not offer you satisfaction all the time.
You have to be happy yourself and love yourself before trying to find someone.
When such person comes into your life, you have something special to offer, you have love, you have happiness, you are independent, you are organised and worthy to be trusted.
You are teaming up with someone who you will spend the rest of your life with, therefore, you have to be ready and stop being a jerk and rely on a person. The two of you when coming together should not argue, say hatred words, rely on one person, have different plans, no trust etc..
When the two of you come together you should come in perfect harmony, the two of you are happy, have love to offer and give to each other. This is where most problems come in, people thought that having a relationship will solve a problem. No! it is having love and happiness before entering a relationship that will bring forth purposes in life and happiness. 
God chooses wisely, if you are not ready then you wait, if you are so caught up in your own busy schedule then you are not ready. The two of you when getting together should know exactly what the other does, each of your purposes comes together in perfection and align itself with both your spiritual and physical well-being. 
Having that truthful, love, long-lasting relationship is like a branch that bloom flowers every time. A branch that bloom flowers once in a while should be cut down.
Find love through challenging adversity. 





using our senses

I tried to understand myself and my senses for a while and yet cannot grasp the center of it. We have five senses: taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound.

Imagine walking into a room full of people and also imagine walking into an empty room. Is there a difference? Hold this thought while reading through my stories below. Also hold the thought that senses are not just for us to use daily. It tells us what happened in the past and what will happen in the future. 

Firstly, let us talk about smell. Sometimes when I visit a place, went to the morgue or visit the sick, the smell is different. I usually tell the person who came with me before we stepped out to never face change when he/she smell bad odor. It does not work for them, not sure how it does for me. People say am weird, I say respect your surroundings for the smell tells of what happened before and after. It may smell good before and went worse after. Why? Because of reasons you can may want to ask questions about.

Secondly we have taste. My brothers love chilies a lot and when they are want to eat alone they cook chilies with everything. Kissing another is tasting their lips. There are some sick people who lost their sense of taste. Sometimes I do too and bought a bag of lollipop. When you smell food, your senses tells you what you are expecting to taste. 

Thirdly we have Sight. Brothers, the sight of a woman is so attractive one can fall on their knees and say marry me and did not realize the hardship behind it. Sight makes us want/need things, makes us yearn to see things. When we see a travel magazine, or we see others we tend to wish we are them or wish we could see for real the sight of everything. Sight makes us want to smell the atmosphere at the beach, to taste that cocktail and relax.

Touch. When we touch an object with our hands, we want to know how that thing feels, how it arouses us, how we move it. We see, we smell, by touching it we want to taste it.

Lastly is sound, I love the sound of music.  I love classical music, makes me very calm and peaceful. I love to dance to laughter and joy. Sound is a blessing but sometimes the soul wants peace and prefers spiritual sound, no sound. Listen to the sound  of human words. I smell it the air, I taste the food, I see it in front of me and when people tell me about it I hear it is true. 

Now, this is a little difficult, switch to the room full of people and an empty room.

When you walk into a room full of people, you ask yourself, what happened here? If it is a party, you know in the past days decorations has been done. You basically know the following:

  • event was planned ahead and a program was sent out
  • guests were invited
  • party planners came to the area and make arrangements 
  • a time was set and everyone came 

Everyone laughing and enjoying themselves, you write a story in your mind about that day and you leave happily.

What happened to the empty room you walked in? hmmm nothing. Are you sure? 

You walked in and you see nothing because you are using your normal senses.

Is your mind trying to sense it all? You always use your sense for physical things. You never use it spiritually. This is because you are full of yourself with the world. 

I want you to sit in your empty room and use your five senses. What happened here and what will happen in the future. You basically should know: Continue reading “Senses”

Understanding yourself

National Wear Red Day


Today morning I had a wonderful discussion with one of my adviser about introvert and extrovert kinds of individuals, very strong words. Even though I understand these words, i still think these words are bias. The words do not directly say who we really are. 

I like the words optimistic and pessimistic, see meaning below: 

“It’s been so positive…He’s always optimistic, always hungry for the next one.” (Washington Times)
“There has also been a smaller—yet still statistically significant—rise in the frequency of negative words, such as ‘disappointing’ and ‘pessimistic’.” (Nature)
These words bring about the thoughts, how well do people know me? Who am I? 
I find people get to know someone more on the outside,  how people look and  their past mistakes etc this is so boring, seriously where do i know you from? Yes! you were the pole dancer!. Do we have to go there? 
The point is it is the inside of a person you must understand to know who they really are, old or young. If you seek someone to gain knowledge, best to read someone from the inside.
How do i do that?  make sure not to rely on the outside.
An old person may look wise yet very stubborn inside. A young girl may look very dirty outside but very clever and wise inside. Some people pretend to be bubbly and crazy when actually they are studying you. Who knows when someone is there just to understand you better. 
Power, honesty, integrity, humbleness and wisdom all comes from within. You cannot judge the outside based on these spiritual fruits.
You are both physical and spiritual, to judge a person physically is not right. Our body goes down into the ground, does beauty last forever? Attractiveness or Ugliness does not make up who we are.
Yes, sometimes an individual’s outward appearance says who a person is but speaking to a person, understand their words, ask them what they do and listening to them makes it more worthwhile than your ugliness trying to judge on the outside.
The heart of a person they say comes out from thy mouth contributes to who a person is. 
I say people grow and change into beautiful open loving hearts, give them time and not judge. You never know it is you who needs to change from within, the other person is just helping you or showing you.
Remove the darkness from within, clear the dark clouds by making rain drop on you like sparkles of wisdom and power to drive your force forward for a new beginning. 






Foolishness and Stupidity

I have come across people so outside of their body but being foolish and stupid is more lively and deeply that one cannot understand, how on earth does such individual handle themselves. 

I have never met foolish and stupidity before. Now that I do, I want to tell you how great an experience it was to finally come across the experience of getting upset, restless, swearing but never giving up.

When you have humility, kindness, patience and a loving heart, stupidity or foolishness will be a patch on your skin for a day and disappear. 

You are affected in someway by someone’s foolishness, however, you wonder what a lousy experience it was and wish that person whom you met can be healed inside out. Why the hypocritical talks, why causing someone pain, why causing all the issues? 

I ask myself, what is the use of talking sense, let my  mind play to the foolishness of someone. Random like flowers instead of flying where the wind takes them , it flew straight into the muddy pool where birds trample on them. 

Have you counted all the sand? No, because it is too many.

Stupidity and Foolishness says YES! Why! because they always want to win. Even the single bit of spot is touchable by foolishness and stupidity. 

Let me tell you why some people are so disturbing in mind and speak as kings or queens. 

They love it! When you love someone he/she loves you back.  Same with Foolishness and stupidity. 

When you are jealous, envy someone, hate someone or dislike them just because they are beautiful than those feelings will bounce back to you.

You will become that person. You love yourself and  you love these characters.

If you love kindness, it will come to you, if you heal someone, healing will come to you.

If you share with someone, in return someone will share with you. 

If you advice someone, you will receive more knowledge and advice. 

That is why it is important to choose who you want to become. I want to become a loving, caring, sharing and humble person. That will be my attraction, that is what I get.

What do you want to get in return? Mind you have an open heart and your openness will welcome more blessings. 

Do not attract stupidity and foolishness, it will destroy you and love will avoid you. 



Sometimes in life, we go through those moments where we try to encourage ourselves and say ‘have faith’. What is faith to make us so determined to get something? what is faith that people always talk about to the point that we tend to choose the wrong paths. 

I know that faith is believing in yourself and making a choice where you think it is right for you. Is it the same for you? 

When it comes to faith there is also doubt?  How do you know it is the right faith, right move or right decision?

When you planted a tree, you plant it in good soil, you water it, you look after it. 

When you were born, your mother breastfeed you, she looks after you and you grow up.

When you started a project, you make plans, you act upon it and  you deliver it. 

When you start school, you study hard, pray hard and you finish school and then go on to universities.

What makes you do all these things? Is it faith or just your normal routine and does not involve anything to do with faith? 

To tell you the truth, everything you did, now and in the future is faith. We live by faith, we work on it and we deliver it. 

Faith is not something we apply on certain situations, No! faith is applied everyday and yet people differentiate it and thought it is only applied to religious moments.

Moments of your life, career, work, school and friendship faith applied. 

Little or big faith is faith given enough for you to handle. Each of us have different percentage of faith in our bodies and how we feel towards it.  That is, some did some things and others do more things. Some said this is enough and others say we want more. 

How much faith do you have? The moment you have more faith in yourselves, the more people think you are crazy, well bad for them. You have your own faith, you have your own destiny to achieve much more in life. 

Faith is a word of encouragement and takes you to another level of uncertainty where it becomes certain in life. It is walking in darkness where there is no one to help you.

Faith makes rights and wrongs to learn from, it is not always right, it is also very wrong. 

Faith is wrong in that you learn from your mistakes, something not to be ashamed of. Some men are so confident, they took advantage of their own faith and marry or go out with a lot of women like King Solomon.

Faith is both wrong and right. Always choose faith and use it for right and wrong. 

This world is full of faith, we leap, we go across from one country to the next, we face problems, we achieve goals, we go into stupid relationships, we hate some of our family members, we laugh and we cry sometimes. Faith is in there. 

Faith is everywhere, be it or not, learn from it.